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Imagination "Our Story is Your History"

Fort Adams video by Newport View TV

Fort Adams Tunnel

Guided Tours                    

        Hourly 10am-4pm (April 16-24)          


Our hour long guided tour provide you with an overview of the history, design and restoration of Fort Adams.  Your tour guide will take you from the top of the Forts walls to the depth of the underground tunnels.  Join a Guided Tour

A photo of a soldier with an arrow.


Specialty Tours  Looking for more then our hourly overview tour? This summer tours will allow you to experience more of the Fort than ever before. Every Saturday and Sunday(in the summer) at 10:00am explore America’s most Complex Land Defenses in our Storm the Fort Tour
Private and group tours            

Whether this is your group's first time at the Fort, or you have been returning for years, Fort Adams Private tours have a story for every interest
People at W. Wall.
Newport bridge at sunset. Looking for the Best Sunset in Newport?  

Look no further than the Fort Adams Bay Walk.  This 2.5 mile loop around the perimeter of Fort Adams State Park provides unmatched views of Newport Harbor, the Newport Bridge and the Bay.  Fort Adams Bay Walk feature ample free parking as well as convenient public restroom facilities.
Fort Adams’ Youth Overnights  

Our overnight barracks allow groups to sleep inside the soldiers' actual bunkrooms.  Ideal for scout and school groups, an overnight at Fort Adams is an experience your group will not soon forget.
Fort Adams Barracks

Fort Adams Merchandise

Gift Shop Open Daily 10am- 4pm (May to October)

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Imagination! “Our Story is Your History”

Fort Adams Trust
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Fort Adams State Park
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